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Booker T Washington Center

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Digital entrepreneurship

How did a 7-year old made $22 M last year?

There are only two players in digital economy: Seller and Buyer. 

Are you a seller or buyer? 

How can you cross the aisle to become a seller?

A must course for everyone who is ready to enter digital economy.


Everything in the world of digital economy revolves around programming. The rules are simple: loops, cases, libraries etc. Different languages are tailored for different applications. If you know one, you can learn the other in less than a week.  

App development

The world moved from websites to apps. Smartphones are ubiquitous and apps are powering the them. There are apps for every utility. The contemporary technologies such as IoT and AI enhanced the depth of app penetration into our lives.

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Classroom instruction: 2 hrs/week

Mode: In-class and On-line

Assignments: 2 hrs/week

Module duration: 4 months

Eligibility: Read and write English

When: On-going intro classes

Programming courses may require more classroom and assignment time.

Curriculum and the structure are subject to change.


  1. The role of an individual in the digital economy.

  2. Role of social media in the personal and business world.

  3. Social media platforms: focus, functionality, and use cases.

  4. The audience: who, why and when. The digital brand and its importance.

  5. The power of Data and Analytics and their role in brand building.

  6. The dos and dont’s.


  1. The language: importance, versatility and basic rules.

  2. The do and don’t’s.

  3. End to end process: Hello world program and debugging.

  4. The role of hardware components in software programming.

  5. C/Python programming and advanced concepts.

  6. Various programming languages and their commonalities and differences.


  1. The business case for product development.

  2. The basics of App development.

  3. Java programming and advanced concepts.

  4. Android Studio, end to end development process and debugging.

  5. Differences and commonalities in Android and iOS development.

  6. Infrastructure development – AWS cloud and social media.

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